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Our Blessed Bums Products

Blessed Bums is modern cloth diapering that's easy on mama and the environment! Organic cloth diapers, adorable diaper covers, and organic products for your baby's bum delivered to your door.

Our Delivery Service will deliver cloth or compostable diapers to your door in a reusable pail liner and a diaper pail made specifically for our diaper service.

Diaper Service customers can order our products online and we will deliver them free of charge with your weekly organic cloth diapers! **Please note: We do not ship products. We only deliver to our diaper service customers.**

Diaper Deliver Packages

Bronze Diaper Package


$85.40 month

Silver Diaper Package


$111.23 month

Gold Diaper Package


$152.46 month

Other Products

All size Diapers


Size 1-5


Size 5 Pants


Bab Butt Wipes


$6.95 per bag

You can also order products to be added to your service

To browse through our products, click on the category from our list to view all items in that category. You may also use our search tool to find a product with one or more keywords.

Take a look at our quick cloth diapering instructional video!

Proudly serving Los Angeles since 2010

Service areas include San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, Silverlake, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and beyond! Now serving Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties!

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